Tempel (Changzhou) Precision Metal

17 Tianshan Road New District, Changzhou
213022 JIANGSU

Phone: 008651985133350
Web address: http://www.tempel.com
Stand: 2H20

Company Profile
Tempel (Changzhou) Precision Metal Product Co., Ltd is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of Tempel Group. Tempel Changzhou provides customers with perfect serial solutions aimed at the combination of best cost and high efficiency. With profound knowledge and exquisite skills in the science of stamping of science ultra-thin silicon steel, annealing semi-processed material, and fully-processed material, Tempel can help you choose the best solution through its advanced techniques and perfect resource sharing from Tempel Group.
Products and Applications
Tempel (Changzhou) provides all kinds of motor lamination (rotor and stator loose lamination and stacked lamination), which can be wildly used in the field of automotive. The following are a few examples:
 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Drive Motor
 Wheel Motor for New Energy Bus Wheel Motor
 Gate Bridge Motor for New Energy Forklift
 EPS Motor & Small Motor with Other Applications
New Automotive Focus Factory
Tempel (Changzhou) continues to invest in the field of xEV, our new focus factory was officially launched in 2018. The new focus factory is equipped with a world-class high-speed stamping production lines, specialized for mass production, and the production of automotive drive motors with strict quality criteria. Constant temperature and humidity production environment and an underground scrap conveyor system, provides a high-level guarantee for products quality and production efficiency. Under the positive pressure of the environment with air filtration, multiple times per hour, and a green electric forklift, provides technical support for the cleanliness requirement needed for xEV products. These initiatives aim to continuously meet and exceed the increasing demand of new energy motor customers.

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