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We Stand For the Highest Quality Solutions
We are bdtronic, formerly known as Bartec Dispensing Technology. We are a one of the world's leading machine manufactures in the high end dispensing and impregnation industry. We excel in dispensing reactive and highly filled resins, as well as plasma technology and production automation and hot riveting.
We have locations in Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America with a production location in Germany and one in the USA. We have a global customer base, serving manufacturers with our high complexity equipment in a multitude of markets including the automotive, electronics, medical technology, renewable energy industries and more.
We are a company of M.A.X Automation AG which develops and delivers customized automation solutions to a global customer base.



Trickling is one of the most important impregnation processes to protect wire windings of electrical compo-nents against environmental impact.

Roll Dipping

Dipping is a widely used impregnation technology.

Hot Dipping

Wire winded electrical components such as rotors or stators of a motorare drained into a heated up impregnation bath through a suspension.

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