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Company Profile
KEMIBOND gains outstanding reputation with great product quality. Beijing Kemibond Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is one of the earlier high-tech companies related to adhesives in China, and we focus on research and develop advanced sealing and bonding materials for various industries. KEMIBOND create intelligent bonding solutions for automotive, electronics, household, new energy and rails. Also KEMIBOND is an expert in power, petrochemical, metallurgy and construction machinery to solve problems on sealing, bonding and protection.

KEMIBOND not only communicated advanced bonding technologies with Italy, Germany, US, Japan, but also cooperate with local universities and institutes for better understanding. The research contains silicone sealant, cyanoacrylate, structural adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, UV adhesive, epoxy adhesive and coating.

KEMIBOND could provide technical advisory and support through product design, develop and manufacture to optimize bonding process.


EP120 High Performance Structural Adhesive

Excellent bonding performance, suitable for high impact and toughness required condition, used for joint different kinds of materials, with a 120-minute working life.

AC243 Threadlocker

Medium strength, oil tolerance, thixotropic viscosity, good cure property at low temperature, works on active and passive substrates.

AC326 Structural Adhesive

High viscosity, high strength, an all-purpose bonder for bonding rigid assemblies. Typical applications include bonding ferrites to plated metals.

AC450 Low Odor Structural Adhesive

Two components, cure at room temprature, high strength, low odor, environment friendly, special design to bond metals, good impact resistance and durability.

SR507 High Performance Sealant

Neutral silicone sealant, excellent electric insulation property and anti-aging performance, used for general machinery and special machinery equipment sealing.

Product index
Adhesives, Resins and Coatings
Epoxy Adhesives
High Temperature Adhesives
Structural Adhesives
Two-Component Adhesives
Adhesives, Resins and Coatings